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3Doodler 2.0 Pen



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Product Description

Who wants a 3Doodler?

Limited only by the user’s creativity, the world’s first 3D printing pen appeals to a number of audiences:
Art and Design – artists and designers love the 3Doodler for its ability to stretch the limits of their imagination. Perfect for wire art, jewellery design, building models and sketching ideas in three dimensions (without the need for a computer). In the words of one artist, “the barrier between you and your idea is very thin”.
Hobby and Craft – it offers hobbyists and crafters the ability to create decorative items, scale models and structures, as well as decorations, adornments and embellishments to every day items. Try your hand with our translucent PLA plastics and make your very own Tiffany-style lamp shade!
DIY – 3Doodler is amazing for practical projects around the home and office; 3Doodling replacement parts or custom pieces for household appliances, or welding plastic to plastic (one user even fixed their Dyson vacuum cleaner using the 3Doodler).
Education – Educators are using the 3Doodler in subjects as diverse as engineering, art and design, mathematics and even creating tactile learning aides for blind and low vision students. A recent case study also showed that 3Doodler levels the playing field between genders and learning styles in STEM subjects.
Architecture and Engineering – in a professional architecture setting, the 3Doodler is an essential tool for quickly communicating complicated 3D structures to colleagues, collaborators and clients; as well as being an important first step for modelling and prototyping. Its uses are endless.