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Welcome to 3D Print Group Ltd

3D Print Group Ltd is a UK company that provides complete 3D modelling and 3D printing services to businesses in various sectors within the UK and overseas. 3D printing isn’t restrictive to one particular industry we can assist with numerous engineering sectors including; clean energy (nuclear, renewables), oil and gas, defence and aerospace.

Our goal is to provide customers with professional, detailed, 3D models, drawings and 3D prints utilising our engineering experience and the latest technology techniques. With the latest desktop 3D printing technology also known as ‘Additive Manufacture’ (AM), 3D Print Group can turn your bespoke designs and prototypes into reality. Simply send us your design data in STL format for a free no obligation quote.

From a central location within the UK we provide support and tutorial advice to customers along with educational seminars held at various locations throughout the year aimed at schools and beginners new to 3D printing. Check out the educational tab above or contact us for further details.

3D Print Group are proud to work in collaboration with US company ‘Dynamic 3D Printing’ who are based Denver, Colorado, which enables us to share knowledge and techniques for the benefit of our customers.

Interested in getting involved with 3D printing?

Why not consider a 3D pen! 3D Print Group are an approved UK stockist of the world’s first and best 3D pens from the US company ‘3Doodler’. A 3D pen is a great way to experience the world of 3D printing and an ideal start to your adventure. We stock both the ‘3Doodler 2.0’ and the new ‘3Doodler Start’ pen which is specifically aimed at children.

Check out the Store tab above for further information.

For information take a look at our 3D pen case studies tab, where we showcase some of the best doodlers out there.

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The services we provide


Need help developing or designing a component, no problem, we provide a design development service. Contact us for further information.

3D Printing

3D Print Group provide 3D prints of various components and parts, predominantly in PLA and ABS, however if you have a specific material requirement feel free to contact us.


Looking for educational tutorials for schools or beginners or simply wanting further information, be sure to get in touch.


At 3D Print Group we look to source the best deals on 3D printing equipment and consumables for our customers. Visit our Store above.


Working in collaboration with companies and customers.